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The National Haemoglobinopathy Registry (NHR) is a database of patients with red cell disorders (mainly Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassaemia Major) living in the UK. This new database collects data,which is required by the Department of Health from Haemoglobinopathy centres. The central aim of the registry is to improve patient care.

National Haemoglobinopathy Registry Annual Report 

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Please see below for a list of summarised reports from the NHR. These reports are updated periodically, the last update was on the 21st November 2017

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Diagnosis by Gender 44KB
Number of Patients by Centre 50 KB
Number of Patients by Diagnosis 44 KB
NHR Patients Numbers Map 79 KB


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NHR Patient Information Leaflet 252 KB
NHR Dataset 241 KB
NHR Steering Group 139 KB
NHR Annual Report 2013/2014 72 KB
NHR Annual Report 2014/2015 4 MB

NHR Annual Report 2015/2016 6 MB

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